Additional Charges On Your LTL Invoice


When an additional charge is received from a carrier, uShip sends out a notification email that highlights the additional charge(s). After the initial outreach, 72 business hours are given to respond with any questions or concerns. When that time period expires without a reply, uShip completes the additional charge with the card on file on the account.

Once payment has been released to the carrier, uShip is unable to dispute the rebill. LTL Carriers do not accept billing disputes for paid invoices. Thus it is critical that you reply to an additional charge email within 72 hours of receipt if you want to dispute a charge. If there is no successful additional charge dispute, the booking party is fiscally obligated for all costs pertaining to the execution of the shipment, per the uShip User Agreement. 

If you would like to dispute an invoice please see the specific article below on how you can start that process, we are here to assist!

Additional Charge Reason:

For further assistance, please contact

Please note: uShip has no vested interest in any type of additional charges from carriers. We want all shipments to be successful and invoice at the quoted amount.

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