Additional Charge - Notification


When a carrier is requested to make a notification call prior to pickup or delivery, they will charge for it. This is true whether it was in the original quote or requested of them in the special instructions section of the BOL or after booking.

Please note: If the shipper/consignee requests a notification the carrier will not invoice the shipper/consignee for the service, per the carrier’s tariff rules – “If the shipment is prepaid to uShip the bill must go through the same party”. This charge is then passed on to the booking party, who is fiscally obligated for all costs pertaining to the execution of the shipment, per the uShip User Agreement.

To dispute a notification, it must be proven that one was not requested on the BOL or after booking. Please confirm with all parties involved in the shipment whether or not the carrier notified or did not notify said parties prior to delivery. Look on the delivery receipt of the shipment to see if a notification charge was signed for. If so, this is why the carrier charged for the service. 

If, based on your findings, there is a notification charge which justifiably needs to be removed, please email with the bill of lading number for the shipment in question along with an explanation as to why you feel that the notification charge is not correct. uShip will then work with you to take this correction request to the carrier.

Please note: uShip has no vested interest in any type of additional charges from carriers. We want all shipments to be successful and invoice at the quoted amount. If you believe this charge is in error please help us help you with the additional charge by following the steps above.

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