Additional Charge - Residential or Limited Access Location


The additional charge on your shipment was the result of the limited access or residential nature of the pickup/delivery. Your carrier has invoiced you for an additional amount for the services that were needed to complete your shipment.

When receiving your quote, you did not select a location type that was subject to additional fees. Per your carrier's rules tariff, your pickup or delivery location is considered a limited access location and this is the reason for the additional charge. In order to receive an accurate quote, the most specific location type option much be selected from the options in the location type drop down menu. 

Please bear in mind that limited access does not mean how easy or difficult a location is to access; it is a term LTL carriers apply to certain types of geographic locations such as schools, military bases, self-storage facilities, etc. For a more detailed explanation of location types, the carriers' rules tariffs are available on the carrier profile on uShip. Keep the carrier's location type definitions in mind and confirm via Google Maps whether or not the shipper/consignee location meets the criteria for stated location type. 

If after researching the location type and reviewing the rules tariff you feel that the residential or limited access charge was incorrect please email with the bill of lading number for the shipment in question. Include an explanation as to why you feel that the carrier is invoicing at an incorrect location type classification, include a supporting screenshot from Google Maps and we will begin the dispute process with the carrier if the reasoning is not at odds with the carrier's rules tariff.

Please note: uShip has no vested interest in any type of additional charges from carriers. We want all shipments to be successful and invoice at the quoted amount. If you believe this charge is in error please help us help you with the additional charge by following the steps above.

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