Additional Charge - Weight / Dimensions


Carriers will often reweigh, remeasure, or reclass a shipment after it's picked up from the origin location. They're looking at the bill of lading provided at pickup and verifying that the information printed is correct. If they find that the information provided is incorrect, they will bill you for additional charges.

This is why it's so important to enter the correct information into the LTL Instant Rates quote form.

Please read through the information below prior to contacting uShip about additional charges to ensure that everything necessary for a successful correction request is completed. The key to a successful request is a clear and concise argument with supporting documentation. 

Gather the following information and email it to

  • Copy of the original purchase order/packing slip/invoice matching the weight and dimensions listed on the BOL
  • Product spec sheet/product catalog/product website with:
    • Pictures
    • Dimensions
    • Weight

The product spec sheet/catalog must contain all items listed on the packing slip. After obtaining these documents, be sure to notate the specific items shipped.

When writing an invoice correction request for a reweigh or measurement dispute, please explain how the supporting documentation you attached to the email is applicable to the dispute. Be sure to include an allowance in your calculation for pallets or other packaging weight. 

Email with your request, reasoning, and supporting documentation in the form of PDF files. uShip will take the information you've provided and present it to the LTL Carrier who completed your shipment. There's no guarantee that the carrier will remove the additional charge with this documentation. It's important to provide as much information as possible to back up your correction request.

Please note: uShip has no vested interest in any type of additional charges from carriers. We want all shipments to be successful and invoice at the quoted amount. If you believe this charge is in error please help us help you with the additional charge by following the steps above.

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