How Payment Works for Customers


You may have two payment options when booking your shipment: uShip Payments and Booking Deposit. In most cases, you'd pay via uShip Payments. There are limited times when a deposit (Booking Deposit) will secure the booking.

uShip Payments

uShip Payments icon indicates the use of the uShip Payments.

uShip Payments is an online payment handled entirely through, which makes it the safest way to pay for your shipping services. This option is available and may be required for shipments that are $2,750 or less. 

How it works:

1) At booking, you prepay for the job in full.

2) Receive a unique 8 digit Payment Code located within the management box of your listing and in your booking confirmation email. 

  • Be careful not to forward your booking confirmation email to your service provider.

3) Upon delivery* of the shipment, release payment to your service provider by:

  • Give payment code to your service provider
  • Release payment code from your uShip account (Payments > Pay Service Provider > Release Payment)
  • Mark the shipment as "Delivered" on the corresponding listing.

Do not give the payment code to your service provider before your shipment is completed. If a service provider requests the code before delivery, please contact Member Support

*Note for animal shipments: Payment for animal shipments may be made at pickup (not prior) as required by the USDA regulations. 

Booking Deposit

Booking Deposit is a payment option that allows you to pay a percentage of the price at checkout and then pay the remaining balance directly to your service provider. This option is available in select categories and is the only payment option for shipments above $2,750.00. 

How it works:

1) At booking, you'll pay a Booking Deposit (percentage of total price).

2) Pay the remaining balance directly to your service provider, per their terms.

  • Your service provider's accepted payment methods and timing of payment is indicated within each bid
  • Total price - payment at checkout (Booking Deposit + service charge) = amount due directly to your service provider

uShip does not recommend paying offsite in full before delivery. If a provider requests full payment before pickup, please contact Member SupportTo keep you safe, we suggest using a credit card or PayPal which might provide additional safeguards and recourse in the event of a dispute or suspected fraudulent activity. 

Request for payment via a non-bank, instant cash service, such as MoneyGram or Western Union, is a violation of uShip policy and typically an indicator of fraud. If your service provider requests this type of payment please contact Member Support immediately. 

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