Engine Shipping


Shipping an engine? Please read the information below to ensure your engine vroom vrooms to the finish line without a hitch!

Many engines and other vehicle/boat parts are moved through the LTL Freight network. Taking the following precautions will help ensure your shipment is picked up without issue and will decrease your risk of damages in transit:

  • Packaging - Engines should be fully crated to avoid any issues at pickup. Many carriers will refuse to pickup an engine that is palletized due to the likelihood of damages occurring as well as the liability of it damaging other freight. The following carriers are most likely to pickup uncrated/unboxed motors: RL Carriers, FedEx Freight, Pitt Ohio, SAIA LTL, and T Force Freight
  • Drain All Fluids - Engines must be drained of all fluids prior to pickup
  • Documentation - Record and keep all documentation relative to the dimensions of the engine/crate prior to pickup to dispute any additional charges assessed by the carrier after delivery.
  • Check for Damages - Thoroughly check the crate for damages and document any issues on the paperwork provided prior to signing at delivery.

* Please note that uShip Protection does not cover used engines or motors. For used engines/motors you are subjected to your carrier's limitation of liability. Please see our article on LTL Instant Rate Carriers - Limitation of Liability for more information.

If you need further advice on choosing a carrier to ship your engine, call us at 888-579-1240. Also, please make sure to review our article After You Book An LTL Shipment for more great information!

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