Tipping & Add-ons



You are not required to pay a tip for services obtained through uShip. All costs and profit are included in the service provider's bid. However, if you feel they did a great job handling your shipment and you are satisfied with the level of service you've received, then a tip is certainly appreciated! 

If you've booked using uShip Payments and choose to tip your service provider, your tip amount cannot be added to the payment code associated with your shipment. 


We suggest that you do not add any items to your shipment in addition to what was originally included in the uShip listing.

If it is discovered that your shipment is misrepresented on the shipment listing or you decide to add items after the bid has been accepted and payment has been made, it is up to both you and your service provider to decide whether to continue with the shipment or initiate a cancellation through uShip. 

If you both agree to a new price and contract after discussing the added items or additional weight, any additional amount that is added onto the accepted bid amount is considered to be contracted outside of the uShip marketplace. Since proceeding with payment through the uShip site is the safest method for both parties, we'd suggest contacting Member Support to cancel and relist your shipment to accurately reflect the shipment that is being transported.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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