Shipping Basics


Shipping large items can be a hassle, especially if you've never done it before. Follow these guidelines to help ensure a seamless experience from pickup through delivery.

Know Your Shipment

Do your best to find out the size, weight, and special needs of your shipment. If you're buying online, you can typically get this information from the seller. Try to make sure your listing includes accurate shipment details, as well as correct pickup and delivery locations.

If you're listing a household move, include a detailed inventory. When you're estimating the number of boxes you have, consider rounding up instead of down. This will help both you and your service provider avoid surprises at pickup.

If you're shipping a pet, check out our Pet Shipping for Customers guide. Proper preparation is very important, and will help ensure a safe trip for your precious cargo. Make sure you've obtained a clean bill of health from your vet, and your pet is able to endure the stress of travel. If it's summer time, we highly recommend you reconsider shipping your pet if at all possible. Even with an air-conditioned vehicle, summer temperatures can impose severe threats to pets during travel. In general, make sure you're choosing a service provider who's committed to making your pet's safety and comfort a top priority.

Consider Your Options

Once you've listed your shipment, you'll be able to start receiving bids from feedback-rated service providers. Be sure to check out the profiles and reviews of bidding providers prior to booking. If you have any questions, you can always use the Q&A section of their bids to get in touch.

Book and Pay Online

When you're ready, you can book your shipment by accepting the bid of the service provider of your choice. You'll be prompted to pay either a deposit, or the full amount, through our secure payments system. We'll send confirmation emails exchanging your contact information with your service provider. Get in touch right away to request any required documentation, and schedule a pickup. Keep in contact with your service provider throughout the duration of your shipment.

Prepare for Delivery

Be sure to settle up with your service provider according to the payment method used at checkout. If you're unsure about which payment method you used, look back at your Booking Confirmation email for details. Please also take a moment to leave feedback for your service provider. Our feedback system helps to ensure all providers are accountable for the quality of the service they deliver.

All set? Great! Create an account or sign in and list your shipment to start receiving bids. Still have questions? Feel free to contact our Member Support team, or check out one of the following links.

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