How to Ship Vehicles - Customer Guide


Vehicle shipping can be complicated, but our goal at uShip is to make it easy. Follow this guide to prepare for a successful shipment.

Before You Book

Accurately represent your vehicle in your listing. Is the vehicle operable or inoperable? Has it been modified or damaged? Be sure to note these things. Discrepancies will often lead to cancellations or additional fees at pickup.

Be sure the vehicle is purchased (if applicable) and ready for shipping by the pickup date agreed upon within the bid.

Understand the difference between brokers and carriers, and the effect each will have on your shipping experience.


After You Book

Clear the vehicle of personal possessions. It's industry standard to not allow items to be shipped within the vehicle. This is for liability reasons. The only exception to this rule is if personal possessions were agreed to as part of the shipment prior to booking.

Exchange all pickup and delivery details. For example: hours available at each location, contact information of personnel at both locations, special access information, and a plan for payment release upon delivery.

Take photos of the vehicle prior to pickup, and again at delivery. This will protect you in the event that damages occur.

Use a Bill of Lading. We offer a printable version, available from your My Shipments page. This is like a receipt for your shipment, and is another great way to communicate and record preexisting damages.

Keep open communication with your service provider. In the world of vehicle shipping, time frames are estimates only. Carriers can get held up for a variety of reasons, including weather, traffic, and availability of shipping customers on the route prior to you. If for any reason you have a situation that could hold up your carrier at pickup or delivery, please be sure to give your carrier ample heads up. Likewise, please communicate with your carrier throughout the process to make sure you have a clear understanding of their time frames and any setbacks that may have occurred.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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