How To Handle A Shipper Initiated Cancellation


 A carrier can approve or dispute a cancellation initiated by the shipper.  Let’s review your options as a carrier.

A shipper may initiate a cancellation for a variety of reasons: their customer might have cancelled the purchase, the product is not ready due to lack of materials or labor,  or they may have an unexpected personal emergency.  Regardless, cancellations do happen from time-to-time so we need to be prepared to act accordingly.  Once a cancellation has been initiated you, as a carrier, can either "approve" or "dispute" a cancellation. 

APPROVING A CANCELLATION is for shipments NOT in transit. When you approve a cancellation you will have an opportunity to leave comments based on your experience of the interaction. This is a publicly facing comment and it may be best used to show your professionalism and compassion, as this is in your best interest, and may help you gain your next shipping customer. 

DISPUTING A CANCELLATION is reserved for shipments ALREADY in transit. If you have already picked up the shipment it should not be cancelled and should be disputed. Dispute the claim and contact for assistance.  

NEXT STEPS: To take either of these actions, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your uShip account

2. Go to your inbox

3. Find the message titled "Cancellation Request"mceclip0.png

4. You can either approve or dispute the cancellation. The only time a cancellation should be disputed is if the shipment was already picked up

5. Leave your response to the cancellation

6. Hit Continue to move to the Cancellation Confirmation Page

As always, feel free to reach out to our support staff at if you have any questions. 

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