Autobooking - How To Find and Accept Qualified Carrier Loads


uShip partners can enable autobooking for their exclusive, in-network shipments. Enabling autobooking will allow carriers to instantly book a shipment—quickly and easily getting the shipment on the road.


Autobooking for Carriers

Upon enrollment by a Customer Success Manager, Carriers with exceptional service levels will have access to instantly bookable shipments. Click the Exclusive Shipments toggle to only see select, partner-network deliveries. Currently, autobooking only applies to In-Home Delivery shipments with a fixed price.


When you see “Instant Book” on Find Shipments or on a listing, you’ll be able to book immediately, without needing to wait on the shipping customer to accept your bid. Simply view the listing, and accept the shipper's requirements to finalize the booking. Be sure to follow up with pickup and delivery locations to schedule your arrival as soon as possible. 






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