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When times get tough, good people and organizations come out of the woodwork, eager to donate goods and supplies to help neighbors, near and far, in need. While many are willing to donate goods, many others can donate their services as a transportation service provider. These generous transporters deliver donations to people and communities in need. Unfortunately, coordinating these transporters with those donating can be difficult, as there is no central hub in which they can meet.

That's where uShip comes in – to help good people help those in need. Through our Charitable Shipping Program, where we offer our marketplace services for free, we help people and organizations in need of donated or low-cost transportation services find transporters who are willing to donate all or part of their services.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Contact uShip Customer Support at or 800-698-7447 so that we may create your Charitable listing.
  • Your listing gains exposure to our vast marketplace of transportation service providers.
  • Providers will provide quotes and ask questions to determine how they can help accommodate the Charitable shipment.


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