Dispute Resolution


We work hard to make sure every shipment is seamless, but we’re also here to help when problems arise. As a neutral marketplace, our role is limited. When appropriate, we encourage you to report disputes involving fraud, theft, or other criminal activity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

If necessary, uShip can help open communication between both parties and issue refunds where appropriate. If you haven’t already done so, please try contacting the other party with their contact information provided at booking confirmation.

If you’re unable to reach your service provider or otherwise resolve the dispute directly, get in touch with uShip Member Support by emailing support@uship.com and provide the following information:

  • A description of the situation.
  • Any documentation you may have obtained during the shipment process, including photos taken before pickup and after delivery.
  • An ideal resolution.

After the support team reviews this information they will reach out to the service provider on your behalf via email. Our role in this outreach will be to act as an intermediary, to clarify the relevant details of uShip’s User Agreement, and confirm information available on the website, such as the listing details.

We will do everything in our power to assist you in resolving a dispute. However, if an agreement cannot be reached through communication with the service provider it may be time to consider pursuing a resolution through the appropriate legal channels. 

The following issues are often best resolved by both parties on their own:

  • Cancelled shipments or those not booked through uShip
  • Items not included on the BOL or original listing
  • Payment for insurance deductibles
  • Payment issues for goods and services not booked on uShip (e.g. customs, sale of items)

For situations where a resolution simply cannot be reached, we’re also happy to offer our Ship With Confidence Guarantee. Still have questions? Get in touch!

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