Reviewing Quotes and Transit Times


There are 30+ carriers quoting on LTL Instant Rates. Take the time to research the most appropriate carrier for your shipment.



Review shipment information. Do this before reviewing the quotes you receive. If you discover anything is incorrect, click Edit Shipment to update and receive new quotes. The quotes you receive are directly related to the information you provide.

Check out transit times. uShip receives transit times directly from the LTL carriers. To learn more about transit times and service levels available, please click here.

Understand service levels. Click the service level type to see the full quote breakdown, including carrier information and a link to the carrier’s rules tariff.

Book your shipment. If you’re comfortable with the transit times, service level, and pricing, click Book to continue with the booking process and fill out the bill of lading information.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Commercial Support team by clicking here.

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