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Customers post everything from cars to cows on uShip. Needless to say, car carriers and cow carriers probably aren't interested in the same shipments. We've got filters for that! Narrow down your search to focus on the shipments you care about.

Our Find Shipments tool allows you to browse through check boxes to select which types of listings you want to see. Click on the [+] to expand a category and get more specific. For example, you may want to move trailers but not trailer homes.

You can use the Origin and Destination filters to narrow your search even further. Click on the States tab, and then the map beneath it, to open a pop-up map allowing you to select certain states. This is helpful if you only want to look for shipments in certain regions. You can also check the Use map to filter results box, located above the map.

Most categories should be self-explanatory. Keep in mind that it's up to shipping customers to determine how specific the details are in the listings they create. These details will affect how accurately our filters work.

Before you click on any of the listings in your search results, you may wish to check Open Listings in New Window so you can view listings wile keeping your place on the Find Shipments screen.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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