Contacting Your LTL Instant Rates Carrier


Your LTL carrier will be able to provide the most real time information about your shipment. You are able to contact the carrier at any time if you have questions about pickup or delivery. Carrier contact information is available in multiple locations on uShip including the uShip Bill of Lading, tracking emails, on your listing, and here.

If it’s your first time booking with a new carrier, one thing we recommend is giving them a call and confirming all of your shipment details with them after you’ve booked. We recommend waiting 30 minutes after booking to reach out to your carrier. This will allow for processing time between between uShip and your carrier. Please note that they will likely not be able to find your shipment with the uShip Bill of Lading number. They can locate it with any of the following:

- Your company name
- Street address
- Origin and destination zip code

If they’re not able to locate your shipment or you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to give uShip a call at 1-888-579-1240.

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