Washington State Taxes


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Why Am I Being Charged Tax? 

All shipments listed with origins or destinations within Washington state include two types of taxes: a business & occupation tax and a use tax. It's important to note that these tax rates are based on uShip's business operations, and as a result, these rates may differ from taxes charged elsewhere.

You can find more information about the B&O tax as it pertains to the state of Washington here:

Business & Occupation Tax | Washington Department of Revenue

You can find more information about the use tax as it pertains to the state of Washington by clicking here:

Use Tax | Washington Department of Revenue 

Can I opt out of paying Washington state taxes?

uShip is required to pay these taxes to the state of Washington’s Department of Revenue for conducting our service in their state. The tax will automatically be added to your transaction and cannot be removed or refunded unless the shipment is canceled. 

If my shipment is canceled will I receive a refund of the taxes?

Yes, as with all completed cancellations you will receive a full refund, including taxes. 

Is this a fee that uShip will profit from?

uShip does not profit from tax collection fees. These dollars are collected and directly distributed to Washington’s Department of Revenue. 

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