Volume Shipments


Volume shipments generally take up over 10 ft. of trailer space or are over 4,000 lbs. They're bookable via uShip's LTL Instant Rates with the following carriers: FedEx Freight Economy, UPS Freight, YRC Freight, Southeastern Freight Lines, Old Dominion Freight Lines, and XPO Logistics.

Volume shipping is the route to take if you're trying to ship large quantities of commercial freight. Volume shipments are only bookable if they're dock-to-dock and business-to-business. 

There are some key characteristics and rules specific to Volume shipments:

  • Carrier max liability is $1.25 to $1.00 per pound, per package, for new goods; or $10,000 per incident, whichever is less. Click here to read the highlights of the optional 3rd party commercial insurance offered by uShip through Roanoke Insurance.
  • Shipments not subject to any transit time standards and shall move as capacity becomes available in network
  • Volume quotes are only valid for the originally quoted pickup day; you must cancel and rebook if you need to reschedule
  • You must use the uShip BOL in order for the Volume quote to be valid. You will be liable for any and all additional charges which result from not using the uShip BOL. 

If liftgate service turns out to be necessary or locations turn out to be Residential, Farm, Tradeshow, or any other non-Volume serviced location type, the Volume quote will be invalid and you'll be liable for any and all additional charges resulting from this misrepresentation during the quoting process.

If you have any questions about the above information or Volume shipping in general, please email the LTL Support team

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