How to Ship a Piano - Customer Guide


To say a piano is difficult to move is an understatement. That's why most musicians leave it to the professionals. Follow these tips to book a painless piano move on uShip.

Before You Book

Create an accurate listing. Know which type of piano you have. Include accurate dimensions. If you don't know how much your piano weighs, do some research on the web and include your best estimate for your model. Be sure to include an accurate description of the pickup and delivery access points. If pickup is on the first floor, but you don't mention the ten stairs required to access the door from the parking lot, your piano movers may not come prepared for success.

Book with a professional. Are the service providers bidding on your shipment trained piano movers? Find out by reviewing their past shipments, and asking questions through the listing Q&A.

Protect your shipment. Presumably, your piano is important to you. Make sure it's protected. Try to book with a service provider who carries cargo insurance. Also, consider purchasing the uShip 
Protection Plan through our secure payments system at checkout.


After You Book

Prepare the piano and surrounding area. Make sure to remove all items from atop or around the instrument. Clear a pathway. Close the lid, and lock it if possible. If there is no lock, wrap it tightly to keep it from opening.

Protect yourself against damages. Take photos of the instrument before it leaves the pickup location. Consider signing off on a Bill of Lading to document the pickup and delivery conditions with your service provider. Get a copy of the cargo insurance certificate from your provider, if applicable. This will make for easy claims processing in the unlikely event of damages.

Be prepared with payment. Moving a piano is hard work. You don't want your provider to have to wait around while you fumble for payment upon delivery. Have the uShip payment code, or alternative payment method, ready to release once the piano is safely at its destination.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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