How to Ship Household Goods - Customer Guide


Whether you're booking transportation for your grandmother's armoire or a new piano you bought from an online classified, we can help. Every shipment has its own unique requirements, but follow this general guide for a successful household goods shipment.

Before You Book

Know the difference between listing Household Items and Moves. If you need just one or two items shipped, create a Household Item listing. When you have an entire home or office relocation, categorize it as a Move. List your shipment correctly to ensure that the best quality carriers for your shipment are placing bids.

Create a detailed listing. Do your best to provide the weight and dimensions of the item(s) you want shipped. If you can't get it on the scale, or don't own measuring tape, we recommend researching approximate measurements on the web. Be sure to note when weight or dimensions within a listing are best guesses only.

Consider the uShip Protection Plan. Book with a carrier who carries insurance, or obtain your own coverage for extra protection. uShip offers a Protection Plan, available for purchase at checkout through our secure payments system. Read about how the uShip Protection Plan works to protect your shipment.



After You Book

Prepare your shipment. Disassemble furniture when possible, and keep screws and small parts in a plastic bag taped to the item. Secure heavy appliances. Protect all corners with bubble wrap, cardboard, and tape. 

Know how to deal with the unexpected. While damages are rare, and theft is even rarer, it's good to know you have recourse when these things happen. Take photos of your shipment. Sign off on a Bill of Lading. Get a copy of your service provider's cargo insurance certificate prior to pickup, if applicable, and keep it handy in case anything happens. Contact uShip Support if anything seems unusual about your shipment, or if items go missing.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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