How do I start using the electronic bill of lading feature?

Launch the uShip app and select "Begin Pickup" for your booked shipment. Get more info. 

How do I find the link to send to my drivers?

Once the shipment has been booked, you can use the Share eBOL with a Driver feature. After clicking the link, copy and share the URL with your driver to give them access from their mobile device.

How do I take photos to include in the eBOL?

You can upload images from your photo library or take photos directly from your device while completing the eBOL. Note: photos taken within the uShip app will not be stored on your device after they are uploaded to the eBOL.

How many photos should I take at pickup and delivery?

You’re required to take at least one photo, but we recommend taking several to best represent the condition of the shipment at each stage. You can take up to 10 photos.

What photos does the shipper want?

Photos should accurately represent the condition of the shipment item(s), including any damage or issues. Up to 10 photos can be uploaded.

Can I save the photos I take while on the app to my photo roll on my phone?

No. The photos will not be stored on your mobile device. They will be only available in the eBOL PDF

Sometimes I don't have internet connectivity on the road. Can I just take photos and upload them later?

Yes, while you can upload photos and complete your eBOL later, you can not collect signatures without connectivity. 

What can I do if I don't want to hand my mobile device over for a customer to sign?

eBOL can be completed without direct contact by clicking the Contactless option. Select this option and we will note that no signatures can be obtained. You can then proceed with your eBOL.

What happens if no one is available at delivery?

Our eBOL provides a “Contactless” feature for this case. Select this option and we will note that no signatures can be obtained. You can then proceed with your eBOL. 

I made a mistake, but the shipping contact and I have already signed off. Can I go back and change it?

Pickup and delivery details can’t be changed after both parties have signed off.

At what point can I access/download the eBOL? What is the cutoff?

As soon as both parties have signed off on delivery you can access a PDF copy of the completed eBOL in your uShip account. This eBOL does not expire.

How do I download the eBOL?

You can access a PDF copy of the completed eBOL in your uShip account via the website or the app in the Shipping Listing View. Get more info. 

Can the eBOL by automatically sent to clients and end-customers?

The eBOL will be stored in the uShip account for both the carrier and shipper to access, but not automatically sent.

How do I submit a case?

If you need to submit a case after delivery is complete, download the eBOL from the booking confirmation page or the Shipping Listing View in your app, and submit it along with the other required case documentation.

Is payment released when the eBOL is complete?

uShip payment procedures haven’t changed. The shipping customer must still release payment. A signed eBOL will not result in uShip automatically releasing payment on behalf of the shipper.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.


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