What is uShip eBOL?

Within the uShip app, use eBOL (Electronic Bill of Lading) to easily document a shipment’s condition at both pickup and delivery through photos, notes, and customer sign-off. Plus, documenting everything in the app helps with possible insurance claims, dispute resolution, and building trust with high-volume shippers.

When you arrive at the pickup or delivery location, use the uShip app to:

  • Photograph the shipment, noting any visible damage or issues
  • Write down any notes or extra information about the shipment
  • Sign off on the pickup or delivery details with the shipping contact
  • Provide contactless support for pickup/delivery

For your safety, curbside deliveries, or when no one is available at the pickup location, use the Unable to Collect Signature feature to complete the eBOL process. You’ll do the same at the delivery location with the contact who receives your shipment.

After delivery, a digital PDF of the bill of lading will be generated, complete with captured photos, notes, and signatures. Once the delivery is complete, the uShip account holder will receive an email confirmation and the PDF can be downloaded from the shipment listing page in a desktop browser, or view it in the app.

Start in the uShip app:

  1. Launch the uShip app
  2. If it’s your first time in the app you will be shown the intro cards.
  3. After reading the intro cards, tap Begin Pickup.
  4. The Pickup Details/Delivery Details view displays.
  5. Start the pickup process by tapping Begin Pickup.

Sharing the eBOL link with drivers

After booking the shipment, you will see a message stating that eBOL is required and offer a link you can share with another driver. To give full access, copy the URL and text or email your driver. For more information, please see eBOL for Drivers.

NOTE: The shared link only applies to this one shipment and will expire after 90 days.

Taking Photos

  1. Take at least one photo as required per shipment
  2. Tap the blue add icon in the Pickup Photos/Delivery Photos section
  3. Your phone’s camera view will display
  4. Take a photo of the shipment
  5. The photo will appear in the image grid
  6. Repeat the process to take another photo up to a maximum of 10.

Writing notes

  1. In the Pickup Notes/Delivery Notes section, tap Notes
  2. Notate any damage or issues with the pickup or delivery
  3. Tap Done when finished
  4. To edit notes, tap Notes to bring up the editing screen. See more about adding notes here.

Signing off

  1. At the bottom of the Pickup/Delivery Details view, tap Save Pickup Information/Save Delivery Information.
  2. You’ll be prompted to allow the shipping contact to review the photos and notes you’ve added.

NOTE: This step requires the driver to hand the mobile device to the person at pickup/delivery. If no one is available or for safety reasons you do not wish to hand over your device, we recommend the contactless flow using the Unable to Collect Signature option and skip steps 3-6 below.

  1. If you need to update any of the information, tap Cancel and edit.
  2. When you are satisfied with the information entered, have the shipping contact tap Approve and Sign. The signature view appears.
  3. Have the shipping contact sign on the screen. To clear the signature, tap Redo. Note: After signing off, the details will be locked and can’t be edited.
  4. After obtaining the signature, tap Done Signing. The shipping contact will be prompted to return the device to you.
  5. To finish, tap Done.



Downloading eBOL PDF

After delivery, you can download a PDF of all the captured photos, notes, and signatures. This PDF is the digital version of the Bill of Lading, including Proof of Delivery.

The eBOL PDF does not expire and is accessible in the account.


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