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We encourage open communication in the marketplace. However, for the protection of our users and to preserve our business model, there are limits as to what can and cannot be posted on our site.

What is NOT allowed?

  • Contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, social media handles - Facebook, Twitter, website URLs - with the exception of manufacturer specs, etc.)
  • Directing users away from the uShip site or discouraging the use of uShip
  • Spamming or harassing other users (including the use of profanity, name-calling, vulgar language, etc.)
  • Posting content (either graphic or text) that's offensive in nature or violates the uShip User Agreement in any way.
  • Violating local, state, national, or international laws
  • Instigate illegal activities or violations of the uShip User Agreement
  • Making legal claims or statements against other members, uShip employees, uShip partners, or the uShip marketplace
  • Attempting to impersonate a member of our site or uShip staff
  • Posting instances of member violations or fraud - To report suspected violations or fraud, please follow the procedures located in the uShip User Agreement
  • Submitting quotes that are not all-inclusive
  • Including company names, full names and locations


In order to manage this content, we created our flagging system. uShip is a self-policed site, and it’s up to users to bring these violations to our attention. To do so:

  • Click the white flag next to the content in question
  • The flag will turn yellow , which means it's up for review by our Member Support team
  • After a decision is made, the flag will turn green for “okay” or red for “in violation of uShip’s content policies”

Please feel free to contact Member Support if you have further questions.

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