GovPlanet LTL Freight Shipping


What is GovPlanet?

GovPlanet is an Auction House that auctions off Military goods to the general public. They have auction yards all over the nation, but the two largest are in Chambersburg, PA and North Las Vegas, NV.

uShip is partnered with GovPlanet to provide shipping options on their items that are crated and/or palletized.

Two Types of GovPlanet LTL Shipments:

  • Integrated

Integrated shipping is the easiest and most efficient way to schedule your GovPlanet shipment. After your GovPlanet purchase has been processed, you are provided with the option to “Schedule on uShip” through the GovPlanet website. Once you complete your booking, no further action is required. This integrated shipment option provides the best customer experience and is only offered for shipments picking up from Chambersburg, PA and North Las Vegas, NV.

  • Non-Integrated

When a shipment is being picked up from one of the many other auction sites that are not Chambersburg, PA or North Las Vegas, NV, your shipment will need to be booked directly on uShip.

The shipment is booked like a normal LTL Instant Rate shipment. However, once you manually enter your shipment's information and book on uShip, you must then send a copy of your Item Release Form and send the Item Release Form and BOL to the uShip LTL Support Team to the following email address so that we can forward to your carrier:

LTL Carriers and GovPlanet

GovPlanet has specific requirements to ensure that they release the correct freight to the correct carrier. This occurs through the use of an Item Release Form which will have an Item Number for the auction item in question.

This Item Release Form is as important to the shipping process of a GovPlanet shipment as the uShip BOL is and will need to be furnished at pick up.

Some LTL Carriers are unable to furnish an Item Release Form at the time of pickup and should not be used when dealing with GovPlanet shipments.

Approved GovPlanet Carriers for Chambersburg, PA and North Las Vegas, NV locations:

  1. Central Transport

  2. YRC Freight

  3. FedEx Freight

  4. Estes Express

  5. RL Carriers

  6. Forward Air


Not Seeing Quotes?

As convenient as the GovPlanet Integration is, there are some cases in which a manual booking will still need to occur for a pick up from Chambersburg or North Las Vegas. If you run in to any of the bellow issues, we recommend attempting to book your shipment manually on the uShip site.

Packaging Type is Preventing Instant Rates


Occasionally, the Packaging Type of an Item will be marked as LTL Loose or Parcel and this will prevent GovPlanet you from getting instant rates via the uShip Integration.

Change in Delivery Address 

If you are attempting to book through the Integration, your BOL will be auto-filled based on the billing information on your GovPlanet account. Often, that billing address pertains to a residence, and you may need your freight shipped to a different address all together.

Multiple Shipments From Same Location

The final possible reason you may not bee seeing Instant Rates is due to winning Multiple Auction Items at the auction in question. Unfortunately, our system does not allow for the grouping of multiple orders at pickup. You can, however, manually book a GovPlanet pickup that has Multiple Auction Items on it, as long as a carrier is picking up from the same Auction House.


GovPlanet Locations and Contact Information

Please use the following location and contact information when filling out the BOL information portion of the booking process when scheduling a pick up from the GovPlanet Chambersburg, PA or North Las Vegas, NV. locations:

GP Location



Las Vegas, NV

3717 Bay Lake Trail

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: (844) 225-8799

Chambersburg, PA


2801 WCN Dr.

Chambersburg, PA 17202

Phone: (817) 869-8902

As always, please feel free to contact our LTL Support Team if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with booking your shipment:


Phone: 888-579-1240

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