uShip Credit Provided By TreviPay - How To Get Started


uShip Credit - provided by TreviPay -  allows uShip to offer your business the best purchasing experience, including the flexibility to pay on terms or by invoice. With this latest payment feature provided with our partnership with MSTS, you’ll now be able to manage payments directly in your dashboard and pay upon booking. 

STEP 1: Apply

Watch this video to learn more about the application process.

STEP 2: Fast Response

The approval process is automated for a faster response. Watch the process here

STEP 3: Setting up your account

Once your account has been activated you can manage your users. Watch the account video overview here.

STEP 4: FAQ for Managing your Account

How do I access my account? You can access your account by navigating to the Sign In screen found here: Credit as a Service

What if I need to change the email on my company account? Due to account security measures the email associated with the account cannot be changed online. The new login owner should send an email to and cc Christopher Norman requesting to add a new user including a brief explanation of the situation.

What if another uShip Credit account is already associated with my company EIN or Tax ID?

Contact uShip so we can help review if the uShip user is still active with your company. With appropriate authorization and credentials, we may be able to transfer the credit line and associate it with your uShip account. Only one uShip account can be associated with a company's credit line and uShip sub-accounts are not able to use credit associated with the related master.

How do I manage my Account Users? As an account Admin you can click on the Account and Settings menu on the upper right corner of the screen and then select Manage Users. There you will have the ability to edit users, modify user access, invite new users, and deactivate user accounts.

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How do I deactivate or remove a user account? As an account Admin you can click on the Account and Settings menu on the upper right corner of the screen and then select Manage Users. From the Manage Users screen, click on the pencil icon by the name of the person for whom you need to remove. The Edit User page will appear. Under the ‘User Info’ section, click on ‘Deactivate Account’. Please note, deactivating a user account means you will be unable to receive or recover any of the user’s account information. Also, an email address cannot be associated with two users, so a new user account cannot be created with a deactivated user’s email address.

How can I add or change my bank account? Account Admins and Payers have access to add or change bank accounts. Click on the Account and Settings menu on the upper right corner of the screen and then select Bank Accounts. Click on Replace Bank Account. A window will appear where you can add the bank account details. Please note, you can only have one active bank account at a time.

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How can a client modify their billing address?
To complete this request TreviPay will need an authorized account contact to send them the address change request on company letterhead with a copy of their updated W9. Once received, TreviPay will submit the request for review by their underwriting department.

How do I pay my invoices? Payments can be completed online from the Account Overview page. Simply select the check box on the right for the invoices you want to pay and then click on Pay. The Make Payment screen will show the selected total you have selected to pay, the remaining balance of your account, the bank account you registered to pay from, the number of invoices to be paid and the payment total. Click on the blue ‘Pay’ button to submit.

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Can my accounting team settle invoices without my login information? 

Yes. As a uShip Credit admin, you can create additional users that can access and settle your invoices online. If you don't want to provide them login access to your account, you can download invoices as a PDF and forward them to others for payment. Each PDF invoice will have options to pay invoices via check or ACH transfer without needing to login. 

What happens if we overpay? Overpayment on an invoice will result in a credit on your Trevipay account. Example: A shipment is cancelled after the invoice has been closed and paid. To learn how to apply an account credit to your next invoice, click here.

Where do I send my remittance advice? Please email the remittance advice to

What happens if I do not send remittance advice for my payments? If remittance advice has not been provided within seven (7) days of receiving payment, TreviPay will apply payments oldest to newest. This means the oldest invoice will be paid first, and then the next oldest, and so on.

How do I modify my profile information (name, email, phone number and password)? Click on the Account and Settings menu on the upper right corner of the screen. The Profile Info page will appear. Enter the needed changes and click ‘Change’.

When will I receive my invoices? Invoices are sent via email to the users with Admin and Payer roles (or any user that has turned on this notification) on the account immediately after goods are shipped. Alternatively, you can access all invoices for your account at any time through the portal under the ‘Transaction History’ section on the Account Overview page.

How can I download my invoices? You can download, export, edit and view your invoices at any time through the portal under the ‘Transaction History’ section on the Account Overview page. Simply select the invoice(s) you want to action, and click on the appropriate action (Edit, Export, Download, Pay). The Edit action will allow you to modify the Notes and PO for the invoice.

What happens if I pay my invoice late? Any late invoice payments will state "past due" within the TreviPay dashboard. TreviPay applies a fee of 1.5% the invoice amount for every month the invoice is not paid. TreviPay will follow up with the client directly regarding any past due payments. 

Can accounts use uShip Credit by TreviPay to book LTL Instant Rates shipments? No, TreviPay is only available for marketplace shipments. Any LTL shipments will need to be booked and paid for using a different payment method (credit or debit card). 

Have any more questions? Contact uShip Customer Success at

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