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Some of uShip's LTL Instant Rate Carriers offer service from the United States to Mexico. US/Mexico shipments are quoted and booked in the exact same manner as domestic US LTL shipments on uShip. There are three important things to note for US/MX shipments:

  • uShip does not offer customs brokerage services; you will need to arrange these services yourself and gather the necessary documentation. When you book a US/MX shipment through uShip, you are only booking/paying for the line-haul of the freight. The LTL carriers on the uShip platform who go to Mexico do offer their own customs brokerage services which you may choose to contract, independent of your uShip booking.

    Once you have selected a customs brokerage and made the proper arrangements with them, please make sure that the customs brokerage's name and phone number is clearly written in the Special Instructions portion of the uShip BOL that will be given to the carrier at time of pickup.

  • You will need a NAFTA Certificate of Origin – Required for eligible goods to move duty-free. Call your broker for list of eligible goods.
  • You will need a Mexico Commercial Invoice - Shows the value, description of the freight and country of origin of freight
  • If you book a Guaranteed shipment and it is delayed due to an issue clearing customs, any Guaranteed service failure claims will be voided.

  • The following information will likely be required for filling out the customs paperwork:
    • U.S. and Mexican Customs Broker, name, phone and fax
    • Consignee name and address or importer of record’s name and address if different than consignee
    • Date of direct shipment – The date of pickup
    • Specification of commodities / Description of goods
    • Product and part number / material of which the product is made / product use / number of packages and weight
    • Terms of sale / Country of origin / Currency
    • Selling price – Total price of goods sold
    • Declared value – Value of goods only, not including packing, freight or licensing charges
    • Classification – All goods that enter Mexico are categorized according to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Classification determines how much duty will be collected. Call your broker for accurate classification.
    • Restricted Merchandise Permit / License – A license or permit from the responsible government agency may be necessary to import certain items. See your broker for a list of restricted merchandise, which includes textiles, food and drugs, electronics, chemicals, vehicles, firearms, ammunition and other items regulated by various government agencies.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our LTL Support team by clicking here.

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