Troubleshooting the Shopify App


The following page outlines possible issues when configuring or using the Shopify-uShip integration. Each issue is paired with a resolution. If you encounter an error that is not listed on this page, please contact the uShip support team.

When I Open The uShip Shopify App, I Get an Internal Server Error


The uShip Shopify app requires third-party cookies to be enabled. You can update this in your internet browser settings.

Google Chrome

See Google’s documentation for managing cookie settings.

Navigate to Chrome > Preferences > Privacy and security > Content settings > Cookies.

 Follow the documentation for “Allow or block cookies for a specific site,” and add the following to the Allow list : 


Alternately, you can allow all third-party cookies, by turning off the setting Block third-party cookies.


macOS (Desktop) Safari

See Apple’s documentation for managing cross-site tracking in Safari on Mac.

Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Privacy, and uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking. Note that this will allow all cross-site tracking. If you prefer not to do this, Chrome offers the ability to allow only third-parties you specify.


iOS (Mobile/Tablet) Safari

Navigate to Settings > Safari, scroll down to “Privacy and Security”, and deselect Prevent cross-site tracking. Note that this will allow all cross-site tracking.

In my Shopify store, uShip rates aren’t appearing in checkout

This could be due to:

  • Missing weight or dimensions
  • uShip Rate Provider is not selected in the Shipping Profile 
  • Cacluated shipping feature is not enabled on your Shopify account

Missing weight or dimensions

Open the uShip Shopify app and ensure that all products you wish to ship via uShip have weights and dimensions specified. A product can be shipped using uShip if it has a “Complete” label.



Missing uShip shipping rate for applicable shipping zone

In the Shopify Admin, navigate to Settings > Shipping. Under Shipping zones, check if uShip is listed under each zone that you would like uShip to serve.

If uShip is not listed in all the required zones, you can add it by following the steps in Shopify’s Help Center to Add a calculated shipping rate. If you followed those steps, but uShip is not an available carrier, follow the steps in the next section, Carrier Calculated Shipping Feature Not Enabled.


Calculated Shipping Feature Not Enabled

To display uShip rates, you must have the “Real-Time Carrier Calculated Shipping” (CCS) feature in Shopify. There are 3 ways to qualify for this feature:

  • Sign up for the Advanced plan ($299/mo) or higher.
  • Add the CCS feature by contacting Shopify Support.
  • Switch to annual billing (includes a 10% discount on subscription fees) to receive CCS for free. Note that CCS is not enabled automatically for customers with annual billing; you must contact Shopify Support to request that they enable CCS.

See Check your current plan in this Shopify Help Center article for information on how to check your current plan level and billing frequency.

I'm getting an error after clicking "Continue to Shipping"

Users may see the following error message when choosing the shipping provider:

Your cart has been updated and the items you added can't be shipped to your address. Remove  the items to complete your order.

This error means that the Shopify products have not been configured correctly and will only occur when uShip is the sole shipping provider. For more information on configuring your products, please see Managing Products in the uShip Shopify App or Adding Shopify Products Using CSV Bulk Import.

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