What Feedback Means & How to Interpret it


feedback_score.png  Feedback Score:  For each uShip transaction, the shipper and service provider  are allowed to rate each other by leaving feedback for one another. Feedback consists of  leaving one rating (positive, negative or neutral), along with a short comment about your experience. Feedback scores are calculated when another member gives you a +1, 0, -1 score.

When a member leaves more than one of a particular type of feedback, for example three positive ratings for another member (for three different transactions), the other member's score only increases by +1. For example, if you leave 3 positives and a negative, only one of the positives and one of the negatives will count against the score, netting to provide a score of 0.

positive_feedback.png  Positive Feedback: Positive Feedback is the percentage of the total positive feedback score a service provider has earned divided by that same number plus the total negative feedback score a service provider has earned. This percentage will represent the % of total feedback that is scored positive.

cancellaton_rate.png  Cancellation Rate: Cancellation Rate shows the service provider’s cancellation rate over the last 12 months.  This figure is calculated based on the total number of canceled shipments divided by the total number of booked orders over the last 365 days.

Note on excessive cancellations: Every member is allowed one (1) free cancellation for every 10 matches on uShip (10%). Each excessive cancellation above the 10% threshold is considered to be excessive, or above the marketplace norm, and will be displayed in the member's profile. uShip determines the excessive cancellation rate based on the member’s previous 12 month cancellation rate as well as their lifetime cancellation rate on uShip. Only if both rates are above 10% will the member receive excessive cancellations. TSPs that have excessive cancellations may be charged higher match fees than other TSPs. Cancellations do not affect the overall Feedback Score or the percent Positive Feedback.

Star Rating: Star Rating visualizes the service provider’s Positive Feedback Score into the equivalent percentage of total stars out of 5.

Example: 100% Positive Feedback = 5/5 Stars  /  95% Positive Feedback = 4.75/5

Total Feedback: Total feedback is representative of the total volume of work a service provider has completed through the platform.  Each booked shipment equates to 1 piece of Feedback.


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