Reasons Why LTL Instant Rate Quotes Would Not Be Available


There are a number of factors which could cause a shipment to not produce a quote on LTL Instant Rates. When this happens, you’ll be directed to our marketplace to create a listing. The following factors could keep you from getting a quote.

Weight, Dimensions, and Packaging

  • Shipment total weight greater than 43,999 lbs
  • Any single piece of freight weighing more than 3,500 lbs when liftgate is required
  • Any single piece of freight weighing more than 6,000 lbs
  • Without Liftgate: Any single piece of freight greater than one or more of the following: Length 239", Width 96", Height 95".
  • With Liftgate: Any single piece of freight greater than one or more of the following Length 60", Width 91", Height 95"
  • Total piece count over 10 units when liftgate is required
  • Total piece count over 30 units
  • Boxes: 5 or more loose boxes will not quote for LTL Instant Rates. We recommend 5 or more boxes be placed on a pallet and shipped as the unit type pallet
  • Loose items will not quote for LTL Instant Rates, please create a listing on the uShip marketplace or package your freight on a pallet to ship with an instant rate LTL Carrier


  • Blind shipment coordination
  • Hazmat
  • Protect from freezing service
  • Refrigerated or frozen service
  • Sort & Segregate service


  • LTL Instant Rates are currently only available for USA to USA shipments, Canada to USA shipments, USA to Canada, and very limited Canada to Canada shipments.


Partner Integrations

GovPlanet – A Ritchie Bros. solution - ImpulsionMTL


  • Packaging Type: Items marked as "LTL Loose" or "Parcel" on the GovPlanet website will not be eligible for Instant Rates 

  • Multiple Items: GovPlanet Items will need to be shipped as separate orders or created manually through, as the integration does not allow combining separate Item numbers into one shipment


If your shipment meets none of these criteria and the LTL Instant Rate Quotes are still not available to you, please contact our Commercial Support team by clicking here and they can assist you in investigating the issue. 

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