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Start shipping in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Get Your Shipping Estimate

Tell us about your shipment to access an instant, automatically generated shipping estimate above. No more waiting for rates. No more phone calls.

*Suggested date range for delivery is one week for pickup and two weeks for delivery.

Step 2. Book an Eligible Carrier

Click "Ship It Now" to complete your listing, purchase additional protection, and get your shipment in front of our curated network of carriers. Once a carrier accepts your offer and you’ve reviewed their profile, book the shipment to initiate pickup.

Step 3. Complete Your Shipment

Once you’re booked, you’ll see a tracking link that you can share with buyers. Upon confirmed delivery, simply “Release Payment” to the carrier to complete your shipment.

Not looking for home delivery shipping? List through the uShip Marketplace for great service at lower rates.

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