What’s in your partner report?


As an In-Home Delivery customer, you’ll receive a customized report from uShip in your inbox at 6AM CST every morning. These updates can be used as a daily action item list or simply as a quick reference for your YTD shipments.

See below for the info you’ll find on your partner report and learn how to get the most out of these updates.

  • DAILY ACTIVE LISTINGS: Any active listings that are not matched, deleted, or expired yet
  • SHIPMENTS BOOKED YESTERDAY: Recent shipments booked the previous day
  • MISSED PICKUP TIMEFRAME: Any shipments that are past the latest pickup date and have not been picked up
  • PICKED UP BUT NOT DELIVERED YET: Indicates any shipments that have been picked up by transporters more than 4 days ago, but still haven’t been delivered
  • DELIVERED BUT PAYMENT CODE NOT RELEASED: Delivered shipments where the transporter has not yet received payment. Please release payment within 1 business day of delivery
  • CANCELED SHIPMENTS: Any shipments that were canceled the previous day
  • OPEN QUESTIONS: Any open questions from pending listings
  • SHIPMENTS WITH UPDATED TIMEFRAMES: Any shipments in which the carrier has updated the pickup and/or delivery timeframe
    • Average number of days a shipment is on the marketplace
    • Original offer price vs. final offer price
    • Number of quotes received
    • Whether insurance was purchased
    • This section is also where you can track and reconcile any open TreviPay invoices
  • BLACKLISTED TSPS: Any transporter you’ve removed from your network.

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