Account Reviews & Suspensions


Account reviews and suspensions restrict an account's permissions to interact with the marketplace. They’re used as a tool to remove problem users or to encourage communication between uShip support and an account holder. If you find that your account is restricted in any way, please consider the following information.

Account Review

If your account is under review, please check your email. You’ll likely have received communication from someone on our support team. If you can’t find an email, please contact support.

Account Suspension

If your account is suspended, it may be due to:

  • Continuous violations of our User Agreement
  • Creation of more than one account
  • Excessive cancellations and/or negative feedback
  • Lack of cooperation in dispute resolution
  • Abuse of customers and/or uShip staff
  • Fraudulent activity

We’ll be able to help you with any account balance withdrawals you'll need to make while your account is restricted.

If your account is under review or suspension and you don't know why, please contact support directly.

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