LTL Instant Rates Payments


When you book an LTL Instant Rate through uShip, you pay the full cost of shipping upon checkout through our secure site. The cost of your LTL Instant Rates shipment is entirely based on the information you enter during the quoting process. The weight and dimensions, location types, and all accessorials and additional services required to complete the shipment must be accurately entered during the quoting process in order to avoid additional charges after booking.

If any of this information is entered incorrectly, or other services are required to complete a shipment, the shipping customer who booked the shipment is responsible for any additional charges levied by the carrier after the initial payment.

Please Note: If the shipper/consignee requests a service at pick-up/delivery the carrier will not invoice the shipper/consignee for the service, per the carrier’s rules tariff .

If the shipment is prepaid to uShip the bill must go through the same party.

This charge is then passed on to the shipping customer who booked the shipment, who is fiscally obligated for all the costs pertaining to the execution of the shipment, per the uShip User Agreement.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Commercial Support team by clicking here.

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