Filling Out the LTL Bill of Lading



The bill of lading (BOL) serves as the official documentation of a shipment. Follow these steps to fill out your BOL.

1) Add a company name if you’re shipping to or from a business. If you type an individual's name in this field, the carrier's billing clerks will assume it’s a residence and bill accordingly. If you’re shipping to a residence, John Doe’s house for example, enter “Doe Residence” for the company name.

2) Enter the addresses of your pickup and delivery locations. Be sure to double-check that your address was quoted correctly. For example, if you quoted it as a business, make sure it's not a farm or a limited access location.

3) Select your pickup time frame. It must be at least a three hour time frame, between the hours of 11am and 5pm local time.

4) Enter any special pickup and delivery instructions. Don’t write “Liftgate Pickup” here, or any other additional service included in the original quote. All extra requests here will be billed after delivery.

6) Include an accurate description and piece count. Please be as specific as possible with the space provided. Detail in this section will help in the event of a damage claim.

7) Include all necessary reference numbers for distribution centers or auction houses.

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