Protect Yourself Against Shipping Fraud


We make a huge effort to keep fraudsters off our site, but on rare occasion, they’ll make an appearance. They’ll list stolen goods on uShip for transport, and use stolen credit cards to pay for shipping services. When you book a fraudulent shipment, you may end up transporting stolen goods, paying for fraudulent credit card charges, or worse. Use the following tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim.


  • If a pickup location is in-store for common goods like appliances or hardware, check that the store has the same information you were provided.
  • While many of our customers do use storage units, just be extra aware when a drop-off is at a storage unit or an abandoned lot.


  • After booking, make sure the names, phone numbers, and emails you're communicating with match up with those on your booking confirmation.
  • Watch out for different area codes, individuals who aren't mentioned in the listing, and individuals who are unfamiliar with uShip.


  • While not everyone is an excellent communicator, pay attention to customers who are especially hard to reach or always have a bad connection.
  • Fraudsters make use of VoIP phone lines such as GoogleVoice or MagicJack to hide their true location/identity.
  • Unstable connections, static, or overseas calls should raise concern.


  • Of course you’re in it for the money, but if the price per mile is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Fraudsters booking shipping with stolen funds have no limit on the shipping budget. 
  • You risk being responsible for repaying the full amount after you do the job.


  • If a customer is offering you payment with no services rendered, that's very kind but likely too good to be true.
  • Please keep in mind that if a transaction is charged back due to fraud, your account may be debited for that loss.

What You Should Do

If you’re uncomfortable at any point during your experience with a customer or shipment, please contact uShip Member Support and let us know. Our Trust & Safety team will review the information, and provide you with a timely update so as to not stall you any longer than necessary. Follow your gut if something seems amiss; we’re here to help.

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