For-Hire Carriers


Per the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), in general, companies that do the following are required to have interstate Operating Authority (MC number) in addition to a DOT number

  • Operate as for-hire carriers (for a fee or other compensation)
  • Transport passengers in interstate commerce
  • Transport federally-regulated commodities or arranging for their transport, in interstate commerce


As a Service Provider... 

Interstate Hauling

If you are hauling for hire and you are crossing state lines, you may need an MC number, based on information provided from the FMCSA.

While the FMCSA plans to phase out MC numbers and transition to DOT numbers only, MC numbers are still being issued at this time as Operating Authority. For more information, review this information for the Unified Registration System (URS). 

You agreed to our terms and conditions when you created your account. Running a business takes time, patience, research, planning and the ability to handle failures gracefully. 

It is important to keep in mind that hauling illegally could result in shipments and equipment being impounded, hefty fines, payment forfeiture, and even a possible arrest. 

Remember, you must legally be able to transport the shipments you book through uShip. You agree to comply with all laws, rules, statutes and regulations that may apply including any and all local, state and federal licensing requirement. It is your responsibility to know and understand transportation laws as it applies to your business.

We hope this helps you determine whether or not you're ready to start bidding. If there is any question about whether or not you need an MC number please contact the FMCSA directly at 1-800-832-5660 as well as your local DOT.


As a Shipping Customer...

Before booking your shipment, you should check with the FMCSA if your shipment would require an MC#. This often applies to interstate shipments. A great resource to get started is their Protect Your Move site.

Determine exactly what services you need and demand copies of your provider's operating authority, insurance and licensing before doing business.

It is always advisable to enter into a written contract, which specifies the services, rates, rules, etc. If your provider has submitted an MC#, you can review its status by clicking on it from their profile page.

If you have booked with a carrier but the person or company that you booked with gave your shipment to someone else to complete without your express permission, please inform Member Support. They may be brokering without authority. This would include carriers that hand off your shipments to couriers like FedEx or UPS.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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