Rescheduling Pickup Date / Pickup Time Window Request


If you need to reschedule your pickup date or request a pickup time window, the easiest and fastest way to do it is to call your carrier’s local terminal. You can find this contact number on the uShip Bill of Lading. The carrier might have difficulty locating the pickup with the uShip Bill of Lading number, so be sure to give them your company name, phone number, address and zip code to find your shipment.

If, for whatever reason, they can’t locate your shipment, give uShip a call at 1-888-579-1240 and we’ll help you get that pickup moved or request a pickup time frame.

Please Note: Pickup time windows are never guaranteed and they're not always possible. The industry standard is 12 PM- 5 PM, but you can always request a different time frame from the carrier and they will let you know if it's possible or not. 

uShip does not need to be notified if you need to change your pickup date. The price will remain the same if the date is within 5 days of the original booked date.

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