Editing Your BOL after Booking


There’s not a way to edit your bill of lading information via uShip once you’ve booked your shipment.

Depending on what you need to change, you may be able to edit the information by hand. Otherwise, you’ll need to cancel and book your shipment again with the correct details.

The way you proceed should depend on whether or not the price could be affected by the changes. Things that affect price include zip codes, number of packages, weight, dimensions, freight class, and location type. Cancel and rebook shipments with these types of changes to ensure that you're aware of the costs of the corrected shipment, and will not be surprised by additional charges after delivery.

If the delivery address has changed, but it’s still in the same zip code, feel free to write in the new address prior to releasing freight to the carrier. Contact names and phone numbers may also be corrected by hand or PDF editing software.

If you discover that you’ll need your carrier to deliver to a residence rather than a business, cancel and book with the correct information.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our LTL Support team by clicking here or by calling 888-579-1240.

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