uShip Protection Plan


Sometimes the unexpected happens. uShip offers shipping customers the option to purchase the uShip Protection Plan to protect their shipments. Protection Plans are available for purchase at checkout on most shipments being shipped by US based customers.

Shipments booked with any of the LTL Instant Rate Carriers will be subject to the carrier's Limitation of Liability in the case of damage or loss. If you determine that your shipment requires additional protection, we offer LTL Protection Plans for purchase during checkout at an affordable rate.

How much does the uShip Protection Plan cost?

Your Protection Plan fee depends on several factors including the item type and the  value you input during checkout. The price will be displayed at that time. It's important to provide the full and true value of your item(s).

What’s NOT covered?

  • Click here to read through all restrictions on the protection plan
  • Damages not reported within 7 business days of arrival at destination 
  • Shipments beginning or ending outside of the United States
  • Category restrictions include, but are not limited, to: trailers, architectural models, bulk products, cash, cigarettes and other tobacco products, cotton, flowers, fresh foods, jewelry, watches, furs, live animals, negotiable papers, stamps, deeds, tickets, travelers checks, perishable commodities, pharmaceutical drugs, plants, precious stones and metals, securities, server racks (when containing computers, servers or electronic components), used engines, motors, transmissions, and other vehicle machinery (defined as any machinery or component which is used to propel an automobile, boat, personal craft, or vehicle)
  • Vehicles operated under their own power 

Click here for detailed language on all of the above.

How do I request reimbursement under the uShip Protection Plan?

  1. Log into your uShip account
  2. Click Submit a Case within seven (7) days of delivery
  3. Follow the steps displayed

*Prior to reporting an incident, make sure you have all required documentation noted within the terms of service.*

Feel free to review the terms of service if you have questions about whether or not your item is eligible for protection. 

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