Site Circumvention


The uShip site is a fortress of security. You can feel confident that all contact and billing information you register through our site will remain out of the hands of fraudsters. We do our best to protect you from engaging with fraudsters through our public pages as well. We do this by allowing users to flag any instances where contact information is being exchanged.

Public pages where contact information in prohibited include:

  • Profiles
  • Listing Details
  • Listing Q&A
  • Bid Q&A

Fraudsters may enter their contact information in clever ways to attempt to bypass our flagging system.

For example:

  • "Call my secretary at three3six one two 3 for five 6 seven"
  • "Email me for more info imafraudster at gmail"

If you see another member of the site attempting to provide you with their contact information through these pages, just flag the comment and move on.

If you choose to engage with these individuals off-site, you'll most likely be defrauded, and uShip will not be able to assist you. Your best course of action at that point is to fill out a police report, and try to recover your funds or property through your own resources.

In summary, don't engage with fraudsters. If you have questions or concerns about protecting yourself on uShip, contact Member Support. 

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