Site Circumvention


Some users will attempt to have you contact them off the uShip site prior to booking. We do our best to protect you from engaging with carriers that want to take your shipment offsite as booking off the uShip marketplace disqualifies you from all of the benefits uShip provides.

By booking through the uShip marketplace, you are able to take advantage of everything we have to offer. These offers include:

  • uShip Payments - One of the best things about uShip is how easy it makes paying your carrier. uShip Payments is an easy way to pay your carrier without having to provide them your credit card number or banking information. Using uShip Payments also allows for easy cancellations and refunds in the event that you no longer need your item shipped or any other issue that may arise.
  • Member Support -  Another great thing is being able to call our customer service representative with any questions or concerns you have before or after booking a shipment.
  • uShip Protection Plan - uShip also provides users with the option to purchase an affordable protection plan at the time of booking to make sure that your shipment is well protected.

Here are the public pages where contact information is prohibited:

  • Profiles
  • Listing Details
  • Listing Q&A
  • Bid Q&A

You might see carriers try and persuade you to book off site in these sections. If you see anyone post a phone number or email in these sections, flag them and our representatives will take care of the rest. uShip is here to provide you with the best possible experience by providing a ton of benefits when booking through our site.

In summary, if you don’t book through the marketplace you miss out on all the great benefits uShip offers and could end up dealing with a less than honest carrier. If you have questions or concerns about protecting yourself on uShip, contact Member Support. 

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