In-Home Delivery: combining and returning shipments


Combining Shipments:

To combine shipments, simply select the listing you’d like to edit and add the item(s) you wish to include, inputting the item details and measurements as you normally would. 

In addition, please be sure to:

  • Include all order numbers in the shipment title.
  • Add the Sales Price together for all listed items and update the Additional Information section with the total shipping price.

Returning Shipments: 

Any shipment being returned to the seller will need a return shipment set up.  Please read the following before listing your return shipment:

  • Create a similar listing, making sure to include RETURN and the order number in the title (ex. 239473-294723 RETURN).
  • Flip the origin and destination info.
  • Ensure all original contact information is included in the new listing.
  • If the original carrier is willing to complete the return, you can re-book with them or leave the listing active for other network carriers to see.
  • Release payment on original listing. **This applies to shipments that have either been placed into storage, picked up by another carrier, or when the final return is complete**

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