US/Canada & Canada/US LTL Shipments


Most of uShip's LTL Instant Rate Carriers offer service between the United States and Canada and vice versa. US/Canada shipments are quoted and booked in the exact same manner as domestic US LTL shipments on uShip. There are three important things to note for US/CA shipments:

  • You must enter the full, 6 digit, alphanumeric Canadian postal code, with a space between the 3rd and 4th digit, in order to receive quotes. Example: M5V 3L9
  • If you book a Guaranteed shipment and it is delayed due to an issue clearing customs, any Guaranteed service failure claims will be voided.

  • uShip does not offer customs brokerage services; you will need to arrange these services yourself and gather the necessary documentation. When you book a US/CA shipment through uShip, you are only booking/paying for the line-haul of the freight. We do have a partnership with Livingston and they can be contracted to handle the customs brokering of your freight. Part of this partnership includes a 20% discount on Livingston's customs brokerage services if the shipment has been booked through uShip.

    Conversely, you are not obligated to use Livingston. If you already have a customs brokerage firm you'd like you use, you certainly may. 

    If you have questions about the customs brokering process, please call your customs broker or Livingston at:

    877-232-0977 for Canada to US shipments
    844-520-5166 for US to Canada shipments
    Please quote uShip when you call Livingston.

    Once you have selected a customs brokerage and made the proper arrangements with them, please make sure that the customs brokerage's name and phone number is clearly written in the Special Instructions portion of the uShip BOL that will be given to the carrier at time of pickup.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our LTL Support team by clicking here.

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