Guaranteed LTL Service


Many LTL carriers offer Guaranteed / Priority / Expedited Service rates on our LTL Instant Rates platform. If you're shipping business-to-business and without any accessorials, your shipment may qualify for money back guarantees. This service differs from Standard Service in that if the shipment fails to meet the displayed transit time, you'll receive either a full or partial refund of your freight charges (depending on the carrier and when eligibility rules are met).

Common exclusions include, but are not limited to:

- Not properly packaged or labeled by the Shipper

- Delayed due to missing, incomplete, or inaccurate documentation 

- Special delivery requirements (liftgate, limited access / residential delivery, inside delivery, delivery appointment, etc) 

- Held for inspection or detained by governmental regulation or mandate, or customs process 

- Interline shipments, or shipments involving a partner carrier

- Shipments that are dock pick up or will call  

- Consolidated shipments 

- Shipments containing hazardous materials or pieces over 8ft long

- Unforeseeable and uncontrollable situations (weather, road issues, pandemics, evacuations, holidays, etc) 

*Specific Guaranteed Service offerings vary by carrier and some carriers have multiple types of guarantees. Review the carrier's Rules Tariff for complete terms and conditions for filing a successful guarantee claim.

If your guaranteed shipment is late to delivery, please reach out to with your BOL number advising the shipment is late. Our team will then provide the proper steps for you to file this claim directly or on your behalf, depending on your carrier's rules. Please note that these claims will need to be submitted within 15 days of your ship date. Past that time frame, your carrier will no longer accept the claim or provide reimbursement. 

Your pickup date, and the transit time thereafter, is based on the date your shipment is actually picked up, not the date it was scheduled to be picked up. Your shipment must be picked up prior to the cut-off time allotted by the pickup location in order to be considered "picked up" by that date. Otherwise, your shipment will be considered "picked up" on the following business day.

Disclaimers: Freight booked at a Guaranteed rate will still move more quickly than a Standard Rate shipment, however, carriers may not always be able to provide reimbursement if delayed. We recommend viewing your carrier's website and legal rules tariff to confirm their current policy, as the situation is changing rapidly.

Money-Back Guarantees only apply to missed DELIVERY DATES. Missed or late pickups are not eligible for discounts or refunds. Guaranteed transit times will only go into effect after pickup.

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