TroopID Verification


uShip has partnered with TroopID to offer access to exclusive discounts and promotions for active duty, retirees, veterans and military spouses.

What is TroopID?

TroopID is a service that allows you to verify your military credentials online for access to special benefits from military-friendly companies like uShip.

Why should I get TroopID Verified?
  • Exclusive uShip Discounts and Promotions- uShip offers a variety of benefits to military men and women throughout the year. Being TroopID Verified assures your uShip account is eligible for these discounts.
  • Reputation - Customers and service providers will see the TroopID Verified badge on your profile, a symbol of trust and respect.
  • Transporter Discounts - You're eligible to have your service fees waived for your 1st booking within 30 days of becoming TroopID Verified.
How do I get TroopID Verified?
1.  If you're affiliated with the military, click here to create your digital ID.
2.  You'll be asked to confirm your USAA membership.
3.  Once you're approved, you'll receive an email confirmation.
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Step 1                                          Step 2                                          Step 3

Your confirmation may take some time to process. Once you receive your confirmation email, you'll automatically have access to all of the benefits of a TroopID Verified uShip member, including a TroopID Verified badge on your profile.

Having trouble? TroopID is standing by to assist you with account verification 24 hours a day. For assistance, call 866-775-IDME. If you need help with uShip, please contact Member Support.

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