How to Choose a Transporter


So you've posted your delivery, gotten some quotes, and now you have options! Great! Now what? 

As a feedback-based marketplace, uShip provides access to some great insights into the quality of a service provider. Here's how to put those insights to use to ensure you're choosing someone who will met your expectations. 

Read the Feedback

On the transporter's profile, you can see feedback from their previous customers. All of that feedback is from customers that have previously booked on uShip with that transporter, so you can trust it's from a real transaction. 

Check to see the ratings their previous customers left. Read the comments, and note the kinds of deliveries that transporter has experience hauling.

Check the Cancellations

Next, read the cancellation comments and see how often that transporter has had to cancel. Keep in mind that some cancellations may be from the customer's side. However, if you have a time sensitive delivery, you may want to consider a transporter with fewer cancellations.


A transporter that takes the time to communicate with you before booking will probably do the same once you're working together. If you have questions or concerns you want addressed before booking, ask on your listing or quote Q&A!

Consider the Price

Obviously, this matters. You're here to find a deal! But while the lowest price may be tempting, it may not always be the best choice. Are you willing to pay a bit more for a better timeline or a more experienced transporter? Make sure to consider price a part of the equation, but not the only factor.

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