Account Reviews & Suspensions


Account reviews and suspensions restrict an account's permissions to interact in the uShip marketplace. They are used as a tool to remove problem users or to encourage communication between uShip support and an account holder. If you find that your account is restricted in any way, please consider the following information:

If Your Account is Under Review

There are two main reasons your account might be under review.

One is an automated hold that puts your account under random review. Our Trust and Safety team will then review your account before releasing the hold. This process typically does not take more than a few hours, but if we have questions about your account before we release, we will reach out to you via email for more information.

Your account may also be put on hold if we've reached out to you about an account issue and are awaiting a response. In this case, you should have an email from uShip support. Please get back to us as soon as possible so we can resolve your account issue.

If Your Account is Suspended

Here are some common reasons for account suspension: 

  • Continuous violations of our User Agreement
  • Creation of more than one account
  • Excessive cancellations and/or negative feedback
  • Lack of cooperation in dispute resolution
  • Abuse of customers and/or uShip staff
  • Fraudulent activity

You may be able to petition this decision, but we do reserve the absolute right to reject or suspend any user's participation in the uShip marketplace for any reason or no reason at all.

If your account is under review or suspension and you don't know why, please contact support.

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