Find Deliveries Filters


Narrow down your search to focus on the deliveries you care about.

Find Deliveries allows you to filter by location, category, weight, pricing type, location type, customer type, and pickup date. You can also search for deliveries along the route between pickup and delivery locations.

Your selected filters will appear as labels at the top of the page. Feel free to collapse the filters on the left after you've made your selections.


Find Deliveries will automatically enter your current location in the Collect field. Your default search will be by state for US listings, and country for non-US listings.

To edit your pickup location or add a delivery location start typing an address, post code, city, or state. Select a suggestion to show listings in that area. If you'd like to find deliveries along the route from your pickup to delivery locations, perform an Along Route search.

Use the reverse arrows to swap your pickup and delivery locations. Click the map pin to add additional regions to your search.

Look for the map view option in the top right corner of your page to filter locations using your map.


In Find Deliveries, you can also search for loads on the route between a pickup and delivery location. Click Along Route to use this search.

Edit the location by typing an address, postcode, or city. Click a suggestion to show listings in that area. Increase the area of your route search by using the radius slider.

For Along Route searches, only city and postcode searches are allowed. If you try to search by state or country, you’ll be prompted to narrow down your search.

The reverse arrows and map view work similarly to Location searches.


Expand the category filter to check off the categories of deliveries you’re interested in booking. Expand specific categories to narrow your search further using our subcategory selections.


Expand the weight filter to search by minimum and maximum weight in either pounds or kilograms.


Choose to only search Auction listings, or only search Offers.


Select the types of locations you’re willing and able to enter for pickup and delivery.


Choose to filter by customer, broker, eBay listers, or Ritchie Bros. customers.


Look to your subheading to select a date range for your pickup date, and filter out everything that doesn’t fit your schedule.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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