Communicating During the Auction


During your auction, we want you to be able to communicate with any potential courier. You may want to discuss price, confirm pickup and drop-off dates, insurance availability, or how you'd like your items transported. You can communicate with your potential couriers in two places:

Q&A Board

  • You will receive an email notification in your inbox when a courier makes an inquiry
  • Reply as much as needed 
  • Avoid providing any contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, website URLs, social media accounts, etc.) as it may delay the conversation due to a flagging violation

Bids Q&A

  • When a courier places a bid on your delivery, you will see a tab that says Ask a Question 
  • You will receive an email each time you receive a reply 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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