Releasing Payment to Your Service Provider


When paying in full through uShip Payments, you will receive a Payment Code which will represent the amount of money due to your service provider.

This Payment Code, which is only to be given to your transporter at delivery*, can be found in a couple of places on your account:

  • The Booking Confirmation email you receive when your delivery is booked - This message is sent to both the primary email address registered to your account and your uShip Inbox.
  • The booking details of the booked shipment - Log into your account and go to My Deliveries > Booked > View Booking 

When your delivery is completed, you can release payment to your transporter 1 of 3 ways:

1. Give the payment code to your service provider.

2. Release the funds online from your uShip account (Payments > Pay Service Provider > Release Payment)

3. Mark the shipment as "Delivered" under My Deliveries.

Do not give the payment code to your service provider before your delivery is delivered. If a service provider requests the code before delivery, please contact Member Support


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