Accepted Payment Methods


We support several payment methods depending on what country your uShip account is located in and what type of items you need delivered. You'll see the payment methods available to you on the checkout page. 

Options may include:

  • Credit cards (prepaid credit and debit cards included) under the following card brands: 
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover (select countries)
    • American Express (select countries)
    • Visa Elektron (Spain)
    • CarteBleue (France)
  • ACH (US only, available for select repeat shippers)
  • DIRECTeBanking (Germany & Austria)

When a transaction is paid in full through uShip (uShip Payments) off-site payment to a service provider is a violation of our User Agreement.

If the service provider requests additional payment after you've paid in full through uShip, please contact Member Support immediately.

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